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Ultrafine Air Classifying Mills are used for size reduction of various products to microfine particle sizes. The system incorporates integral classifier where the fine particles of desired size are segregated and the over size particles back to the grinding chamber and re-grinded until the desired particle size is obtained. Air Classifying Mill is very compact and efficient, having sharp classifier cut points which are instantly adjustable. The system incorporates grinding and classification in one single compact space saving design.

Features and Benefits

Operating Principle

The material to be ground is conveyed from a hopper by screw feeder or pneumatically fed through Rotary Air Lock Feeder to the grinding chamber of the Air Classifying Mill (ACM). The pins/bars of the rotor break the particles of the material. These particles are entrained by an air stream which enters below the pin rotor and are carried up between the inner wall and the shroud ring with baffles which decrease the air swirl. This particle then enter the classifying section where the fine material is carried out with the air through the classifier rotor to the outlet, the course material is thrown against the shroud rind and carried down to the pin rotor for further reduction. After leaving the micronizer air mixed with fine particles enter the bag filter where the fine particles are separated and the clean air is discharged to the atmosphere.

Model ACM-10 ACM-20 ACM-30 ACM-50
Motor for Mill KW 7.5 15 22 37
Motor for Classifier KW 1.5 2.2 4 5.5
Speed of Mill (Max.) RPM 6000 5000 4500 3500
Speed of Classifier (Max.) RPM 6000 5000 4000 3500
Capacity Factor/td> 1.0 1.8 2.7 5.5


Air Classifying Mill is used to ground and classify the materials like Phenolic Resin, Sulpher, Ammonium Phosphate, Epoxy/Polyester resin, Fish Meal, Iron Oxide, Lead Oxide, Carbon, Lime Stone, Melamine Resin, Organic Pigment, Sorbitol, Sulpher, PVC, Talcum, etc.

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