Bucket Elevator Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

SHALIMAR designs and manufactures various types of bucket elevators to efficiently handle most varieties of dry, free-flowing bulk materials. High design standards, quality manufacturing, the best possible service through many branch locations and an excellent distributor network assure many years of economical, trouble-free service. This catalog is designed to make a preliminary selection of a bucket elevator. It shows the variety of elevators manufactured by SHALIMAR.

Designed With Various Options of Height, Speed and Constructive details depending on the type of material to be transported. Are constructed by pieces or units to allow to Define efficiently the needed height. There are Two types of Bucket Elevator:


Production & Capacity

Feed Material Feed Size Feed Rate
All free flowing materials Max 15 MM Up to 50 TPH

Space require for the Plant

LENGTHDepending upon the capacity
WIDTHDepending upon the capacity
HEIGHT2 meter to 25 meters

The above production figures are on tentative basis as it depends upon the hardness & Grinding ability of the mineral which may vary +/-

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