We are manufacturer of iron and other mineral ore pelletizing plnat as per requirement.

Cement Making process is an integrated process that prepares the grinding and raw mix, feeds it to the pyro-processing system (kiln), and then grinds the clinker from the kiln system into various cement products. Now finished product is called cement, stored in large silos on site or bagged for small quantity use. Most cement plants have quarries located nearby to supply the limestone and other raw materials.

Cements are a substance that binds various minerals raw material together. Cements are a binder that hardens and sets independently. Cement are strong building material that can face any natural and artificial environmental effects.

Shalimar Engineering is manufacturer and exporter of cement plants equipment, We design and Fabricate all type of machines and equipment used in Cement Plants like crushers, Ball mill, separators, vertical rollers, kiln and shells, bucket and chain belts etc. The objective of Cement Plants Equipments is to improve the product quality. The raw material used in cement plants are sand, clay, limestone, shale, manganese ore, calk, gypsum and iron ore. Cement plants require areas where infrastructure rehabilitation is necessary.

There are 2 types of cement plant

Type of cement plant is divided on the base of kiln used in it. So mainly there are 2 type of kiln are available for cement formation. Remaining all other equipment are most of same in both plant.

1) Cement plant with Vertical Shaft Kiln (Mini Plant)
2) Cement Plant with Rotary Kiln (Major Plant)

Cement Plant with Vertial Shaft Kiln (Mini Plant)

Cement plant with Vertical Shaft kiln is mostly knows a mini cement plant it is undisputedly forms the center stage of cement manufacturing process. The cement kiln is involved in the process of burning the raw mixture thereby resulting in the clinker. This clinker is then subjected to grinding to produce cement. In modern cement manufacturing plants, kiln make the most complex and expensive portion of plant as it should be operated round the clock. Hence the duration till which kiln is active determines the output of whole plant. Pyroprocessing is the completely unique stage of the cement industry which is dedicated to the much specialized and complex multi-disciplinary technology.

The kiln shells are composed of mild plate of steel. Presence of the mild steel is the one and only viable material which pose an issue as maximum temperature inside this kiln will be above 1400 degree celcius where the temperature of the gas will go around 1900 degree celcius. Mild steel melts above 1300 degree celcius and hence it starts weaken at the temperature of 480 degree celcius. Hence one should take sufficient care to protect this shell from the process of overheating.

Cement Plant with Rotary Kiln (Major Plant)

Cement plant with Rotary kiln is mostly knows a major cement plant it is undisputedly forms the center stage of cement manufacturing process. In this Plant high cement is produced, we offer high quality Rotary kiln Cement plants and gives innovation, best quality conscious and cost effective technology to our clients. We offer Large Size Rotary kiln on turnkey basis.

Plant Kiln design and technologies

Our engineers are very experienced in rotary kiln technologies, we have capabilities to undertake all aspects of rotary kiln cement manufacturer project including, Plot analyis, feasibility studies, technical advice, rotary kiln equipment supply, erectioning, supervisory services, commissioning etc. So that the dust does not escape into the environment highly efficient measures for pollution control have been incorporated in every cement plant. Every material transfer points is installed with Reverse pulse jet filters. Electro static precipitation (ESP) treats the Fuel gases from kiln for cleaning before discharging into the atmosphere helping to maintain the eco friendly environment.

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