The compressed air leaving a compressor contains considerable quantities of water vapor. If the untreated air is supplied into the distribution lines, the moisture would condense to liquid water as it gets cooled. Condensed water is a major cause of downtime in compressed air systems. Air quality which was good enough for the old hand controlled valves or wide tolerance air tools is just not dry enough when used in today’s sophisticated air systems. Water causes rust, pitting, blockages and freezes ups, with resultant component failure and product rejection. The only way to prevent condensation of water in airlines is to lower the dew point of the air in the system. It is less expensive to own and operate an air dryer than it is to live with the problems it can prevent. Drying compressed air doesn’t cost . . . it

In Heatless Air Dryer two absorber towers filled with Activated Alumina / Molecular Sieves to absorb the moisture present in the wet compressed air. Wet incoming compressed air or gas is passed through an adsorber tower where moisture is adsorbs to achieve better dew point.The dry air comes through the top of tower. After some time of operation activated alumina needs regeneration. Reactivation or regeneration of activated alumina is necessary to drive off the adsorbed moisture and to restore its absorptive capacity. This is accomplished via purging the adsorbent by dry air or gas at atmospheric pressure and temperature in reverse direction. The purge loss in around 10% of dry air. Changeover will take place through PLC/timer and continuous dry air will be received at outlet. Purge loss of 10% is reduced up to 5% by integrating online dew point transmitter to the Sequential programmer. Drying Tower changeover takes place when dew point goes down the desired limit which results in huge saving of purge air.

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