Pulse Jet Hose Bag Type Filters / Pulse Jet Bag Filter are known as conventional dedusting filters. SHALIMAR has developed new age de-dusting designs or this filters which gives better life of filter bags, Lower emission levels, Lower Pressure drops, lower power consumption, Higher air to Cloth Ratios with better performance levels, Lower Floor Space Requirement. SHALIMAR supplies customized bag filters on the bases of application requirement. These Pulse Jet Bag Filters are used where air-flows are in large quantity, temperatures are higher than ambient or material to be handled is difficult.

The original concept of fabric filtration started over century back & is still valid & very practical, for separation of solids from Air/ gas stream. Tubular Filter fabric (WOVEN & NON-WOVEN) hose bags are widely employed world over, vertically placed within a housing. For preventing collapse under vacuum or pressure, these bags are retained by metal cages fitted with venturies.

The dust cake build-up on filter bags are cleaned row by row, online or offline, with short timed pulses of compressed air, blown in opposite direction of the main air flow, from clean air plenum. The built in venture on top of the cages, enhances the cleaning air volume by inducing more air from top plenum.

Cracked dust cake pieces with loose dust, falls in the bottom hopper/s of Pulse Jet Hose Bag Type Filter / Pulse Jet Bag Filter for continuous or periodic discharge thro’ bottom removal device/s.




Typical air volumes served thro’ this models of Pulse Jet Hose Bag Type Filters / Pulse Jet Bag Filter are from 5,000 to 500,000 Cum /Hr in single or modular designs.

SHALIMAR Pulse Jet Dust Collector - Cartridge Filter

SHALIMAR is the Pioneer designer / manufacturer in India, who has designed, manufactured & supplied Cartridge Type (Pleated Bag) Dust Collectors way back in 2009. The Idea behind designing the Cartridge Type Filter was to save space and giving comparable result as a hose bag type filter. Cartridge type Pulse Jet Dust Collector / Cartridge Filter are basically used for applications with ambient temperature range and free flowing dust or materials. There are various  dedusting filtration media  available for different applications. These low height  Dust Collectors  are designed to operate continuously and with lowest down time. The timed pulses of compressed air travel in opposite direction of main airflow & by temporary reversal thro'cleaningblast via ventury,cartridge surface Is cleaned.




SHALIMAR offers a wide range of Cartridge Type Pulse Jet Dust Collectors / Cartridge Filter Starting from 1000 to 100,000 CuM/Hr.