Shalimar is an Technology leader in India manufacturing all kind of Air pollution control equipment, wet scrubber as well as Water Treatment air blowers, dry scrubber, fume extraction system etc.. Cleantek design and manufacturing wet scrubber for acidic and highly hazardous fumes and dust extraction from industrial exhaust gases. Wet scrubbers are a air pollution control equipment used to remove a variety of air pollutants from exhaust gas from melting furnaces, plastic film making industries, Rubber processing industries etc… Most of the acidic gases an other hazardous gases are getting neutralized in wet scrubbers. Our mission is manufacturing equipment for clean air filtration from fume, dust and mist exhaust places.

Liquid spraying from top of the scrubber unit and polluted gas stream distributed from bottom of the scrubber unit. Gas passed threw the Liquid spraying zone and here dust particles are removed from gas streams. This system also used for the fume absorption hence it is very useful in fume extraction system. It removes all air pollutants by inertia of diffusion impact and reactions with absorbent. Pure air is moved top side direction and exhausted threw blower fan.

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