We are manufacturers, our research and development team is putting maximum efforts in designing and manufacturing lump breaker machines. Breaking lumps into smaller pieces is not an easy job to do. You may have some myths that this can be done easily without putting any efforts but for précised action we must have to break lumps into required shape and size with proper dimensions at a fixed temperature of 450 degree Celsius. This task can be done precisely with our Lump breaker machines.

Our lump breaker machines can operate on to any temperature as required. Our few such Lump Breaker machines are successfully operating at peak of their designed/rated capacity & efficiency with an Indo-American Venture manufacturing metallurgical Carbon. Besides Shredders and Lump Breaker machines, we also associate ourselves with the customers to troubleshoot/revamp/modify their existing facility layout for up gradation and enhancement of Productivity. We design & offer special sized equipment to best suit their existing crowded space with optimum inputs.