When it comes to industrial drying solutions, rotary dryers are among the most widely used machines on the market. These machines are essential in processing a wide range of materials, including minerals, chemicals, food and agricultural products. For businesses in need of a reliable rotary dryer, Shalimar Engineering is one of the top choices in India.

Shalimar Engineering is a leading manufacturer of rotary dryers in India, with over three decades of experience in the field. Our company has consistently delivered top-quality rotary dryers to various industries across the country. Its machines are known for their durability, efficiency and versatility, making them a popular choice among businesses in need of drying solutions.

Our company’s rotary dryers are designed to meet the specific needs of each client, with customization options available for size, capacity and materials of construction. Shalimar Engineering uses high-grade materials in the manufacturing process, ensuring that our rotary dryers can withstand the harshest of environments and operate seamlessly for long periods.

One of the key features of Shalimar Engineering’s rotary dryers is their energy efficiency. Our company’s machines are designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing drying efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings for our clients. In addition, our company’s rotary dryers are equipped with advanced control systems, ensuring precise temperature and moisture control during the drying process.

Shalimar Engineering’s commitment to quality is evident in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our company uses advanced machinery and tools in its production process, ensuring that each rotary dryer meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Moreover, our company has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who oversee every stage of the production process, from design to delivery, to ensure that each machine meets the client’s specific needs.

Our company’s dedication to customer service is also a standout feature. Shalimar Engineering has a team of knowledgeable and responsive customer service representatives who are always ready to assist clients with their inquiries and concerns. Our company also provides after-sales support, including installation, maintenance and repair services, to ensure that its clients’ rotary dryers operate at peak performance for years to come.

Shalimar Engineering is a pioneering rotary dryer manufacturer in India with a proven track record of delivering top-quality machines to various industries. Our commitment to quality, efficiency and customer service makes us a top choice for businesses in need of drying solutions. If you’re in the market for a reliable rotary dryer, Shalimar Engineering is definitely worth considering.


Rotary Dryer is continues drying process & are widely used for drying Minerals, Chemical and other solid Material Or Removing Damp (moisture) from Material. It is also used of heating (roasting) material .We offer our clients Rotary Dryer with fine and excellent grade, which is used in drying and heating of materials with excellent Results. And we design it according to requirement and usage of client (no fix Format like copy pest).

Use of Rotary Dryer in Various Industries:

  1. Minerals=Silica sand, Feldspar, Quartz, iron ore, chrome ore,
         i. Manganese ore, Zircon, steatite, Coal, etc.
  2. Ceramics industries = All Raw material of ceramic.
  3. Chemical industries = Bleach, PIGMENT and other solid form chemical
  4. Food industry
  5. Agro industry
  6. Fertilizer
  7. Pesticides industries
  8. Construction industry
  9. Other industry =Saw dust, wood chips , carbon, etc

Rotary Dryer Technical info

It mainly classified 4 types

  1. Direct (air heating method)
  2. Indirect (air heating method),

Rotary dryer heating source use like

  1. Hot air boiler = Direct
  2. Hot air boiler = Indirect fire
  3. Direct Flame fire = Oil (diesel/LDO/FURNESH) burner, gas burner, pellet burner, etc.

1) Direct fire = In direct hot air generator we get 100-750% Centigrade Hot Air

Direct fire rotary by oil fire, pellet Burner, coal burner in this dryer operates on the principle of lifting and showering the product through a hot gas stream moving either in parallel or counter flow.

2) In-Direct = In in-direct hot air generator we get 70-300% Centigrade Hot & Clean -Air for flow

The indirect is more useful for precious materials. In indirect dryer, there is little or no contact between the product and drying gases as they are heated from the outside the chamber through a stationary jacket fitted with either multiple burners or other external heat source.

3) Direct Fame Fire

It is used were high temperature is required with flame.

Rotary Working Process

The dryer is driven through a Gear Motor, girth gear and tire arrangement. seal are provided at Both ends to ensure minimum air and dust leakage. In this plant material is feed into rotary by feeder & hot air is generated in Hot-Air-Generator or Direct fire burner. By heat sours moisture will release from in-put material and we get dry material at output side Flow of Material and Heat can be adjustable according to party requirement means moisture and size of material. It my current flow or co-current flow it is design according to requirement of product to dry.

The material to be dried is pushed back immediately by spiral board when enters the shell from feeding tank and feeding chute. Because the drier is installed in slope, material flows to the back end under gravity and rotation force, meanwhile, it is lifted by board repeatedly and thrown down accordingly, which make the material form even curtain, and exchange heat sufficiently with inner the heat flow. In the end, water in the material is dried by repeatedly scattering.

Construction of Rotary Dryer

Drier machine is mainly composed of shell, back and forth supporting wheel, feeding and discharging unit and gear cap. The accessories which are not in the scope of this machine include firebox, feeding and discharging equipment, dust catcher, etc.

M.O.C = M.S, S.S (304/316) & M.S+S.S

Rotary Dryer is design according to requirement and usage of Consumer

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