We are one of the leading Dense Phase Conveying Systems manufacturers in the country. Dense Phase Conveying Systems is essentially a conveying process that transfers the material with high pressure at low velocity and high product-air ratio. It is suitable for conveying of materials that are friable, fragile, abrasive, or agglomerated in nature. Dense phase conveyor is a user-friendly conveying system that requires low maintenance and has a low installation cost.

In dense phase conveying, powders, pellets, granules, flakes and other dry bulk materials are transferred through an enclosed pipeline. This system makes use of compressed air to transfer materials at high-pressure & low-velocity from a pressure vessel through a pipeline to single or multiple destinations (feeding points), wherein the product and the air is separated through a filter. In most cases, abrasive, friable or blended materials require a dense phase system, and the delivery process, for the products being conveyed, is quite gentle.