In old tradition Solid, Granular & powdered materials have been handled conventionally, by mechanical conveying equipments such as belt conveyers/screw conveyers/ bucket elevators/ goods lifts etc.

But now,This newer concept is making the solids air borne, in a fluid state, with the help of air or an inert gas travelling in a closed pipeline. The concept was found very attractive due to a closed pipeline conveying & was picked up by most industries for handling of solids pneumatically, in the last three decades.

Depending on the product characteristics, air volume & pressures are applied at design stage. This parameters catagorise the systems as either DENSE Phase Pneumatic Conveying System or DILUTE / LEAN Phase Pneumatic Conveying System.

SHALIMAR is one of the pioneer Designer & manufacturer of Lean / Dilute type Positive Conveying System. In this system material is conveyed with the help Centrifugal Blower/Roots Blower/Regenerative Blower. Here material is conveyed either by negative suction or by positive pressure of blower.

Components For Dense Phase / Lean Phase Pneumatic Systems Available On Request