Staying tuned up with time and technology for over 25years, we at Shalimar aspire to give our customers best solution, better products and services. We strive hard to contribute substantially to the global priority areas of energy conservation and environment protection. For saving energy and achieving good quality products, we have Developed a 4 ROLLER MILL and a CLASSIFIER for it which ensures consistent output upto 400 Mesh.


Material is grind by pressure friction between stationary bull ring and the rotating rollers, which swing outwards due to the centrifugal force.


Material to be grind is feed to the grinding chamber through vibro feeder. The positioning of the ploughs ensures that the material continuously passes between the rotating rollers and the stationary bull ring and as such this brings about grinding process. The ground material is swept by the ascending stream of air and carried to the classifier. Over sized particles are returned by the classifier to the grinding chamber for regrinding. The desired product is carried to the cyclone. The final product is collected at the bottom of the Cyclone while the Air having fine dust is discharged from the Top of the Cyclone and the Dust laden air goes to the Dust Collection Unit where the dust is separated and clean Air is discharged in the Atmosphere.



The Mill foundation houses the drive Pulley which incorporates a thrust bearing to support the central shaft and endures the roller loads. The grinding rollers are hinged on the spider. The roller assembly is uniquely designed to prevent the possible entry of fine powder. A perfect ball bearing with neoprene rubber seal is incorporated to prevent the entry of dust to the roller arm assembly. The contact area between roller arms and bull ring is maintained in such a way to achieve uniform and gradual wear & tear of the Roller.


The Classifier helps to obtain any mesh size up to 400 mesh by increasing or decreasing the RPM of the Whizzer Classifier through a Variable Speed Drive Motor. A knob is provided to adjust the required mesh. This helps saving a lot of time, money & Energy. A Gear Box is mounted in the Classifier driven by 10 HP Electric Motor which is designed in such a way to prevent entry of the dust in the Gear Box.


The Fan casing is made from 5 mm M.S. Plate and suitable base is mounted with casing for the Electric Motor bearing Housing. The Base is made from 8 mm thick plate. The M.S Fabricated impeller is fitted on the shaft and shaft is mounted with Mono Plumber block and bearings. The double wall impeller provided is dynamically balanced. The blower is driven through a V-belt transmission with the help of Electric Motor.


The ploughs are cast out of Manganese Steel while the rollers and the bull ring are of Carbon Steel Casting. Classifier, Cyclone, Dust Collector, Blower, Dusting & supporting structure are made of Mild Steel sheet and structural. Heavy duty Base Plate, Shell and Gear Box are made from Cast Iron and Mill Shell Body is single piece casting.


The Induction Motor through V-belt drives the Mill. A separate Motor is required to drive the Blower.


Primary speed reduction through V-belt and pulley and secondary through Bevel Gear Set.


The Induction Motor through V-belt drives the Gear Box, which finally drives the Mill. A separate Motor is required to drive the Blower.

  • Height: 4 Roller Mill(LRM-900)
  • Wigde: 6200 mm
  • Broad: 6000 mm
  • Height: 6800 mm


Industries Type Materials
Minerals: Bauxite, Calcite, Coal, Lime Stone, Soap Stone, China Clay, Dolomite, Betonies, Gypsum, POP, Marble etc.
Metal: Red oxide, Barites, bauxite, coal, talc, C.I. Powder, Ferro Alloys, Zinc Dross, Brass Dross, etc.
Other: Pesticides and Insecticide Prawn Feed, Precipitated Silica, Carbon Black etc

Technical Details

Motors for 4 ROLLER MILL

For Mill -40 HP/960 RPM For Blower- 30 HP/1440 RPM For Classifier -10 HP/ 1440 RPM/ No. of Rollers:- Four (4 Nos.)
Sr.No. Mesh Size Production in kg per hour
1 200-1% RETENTION 2000-2300 KGS/HR
2 250-1% RETENTION 1500-1900 KGS/HR
3 300-1% RETENTION 900-1400 KGS/HR
4 40-1% RETENTION 800-1000 KGS/HR

Salient Features

NOTE: (*) Represent –may different from different model

[ The above production figures are on tentative basis as it depends upon the hardness & Grinding ability of the mineral which may vary +/- ]