About Continuous Ball Mill

Heavy duty, continuous type ball mill is with multi compartments with screen. Replaceable Liners are fixed entire mill (inside). Liner material and shape is selected based on material to be grind. Material is fed in two primary grinding compartments, which carries large diameter balls for reduce particle size. Material comes into second compartment. Second compartment is carry smaller size media for grinding. Material comes into third compartment for fine grinding, which carry small size media. Diaphragms may place to regulate material level and control retention time. Material is feed and discharged through hollow turn-on at opposite end. Accessories like air classifier, cyclone, blower, return air circuit or dust collector can also be placed for close loop system. Two tiers fixed on both end of mill, which are rotate on four rollers. Rollers are fixed on support and oil immersed. Mill rotates on four roller and two tiers. Girth gear is fixed on shell, which driven mating gear, gearbox and motor, which are fixed on heavy drive base.

Use of Continuous Ball Mill

Continuous Ball Mill is useful for grinding coarse feed to get fine powder in single continuous operation. It used is for grinding Feldspar, Quartz, iron ore, manganese ore, Zircon, steatite, Ceramics, Cement, Pencil, Paint, Chemical, Ink, Marble, Coal, any types of minerals etc.

Ball Mill is available in various size

Batch Type Ball Mil

Use of Batch Type Ball Mill

Batch Type Ball Mill is useful for grinding coarse feed to get fine wet or dry powder in single continuous operation. It is used for grinding Dyes, Ceramics, Pigment, minerals etc.

About Batch Type Ball Mill

Fabricated shell with both side bosses provide for good strength. Main shaft with shell mounted on bearing & housing. Mill is mounted on heavy-duty fabricated structure. Inside lined can be done of particular material and design based on requirement. Material charging manhole is also used for cleaning inside mill. Counter balance weight is fixed at opposite side of manhole, which help mill to rotate in balance condition. We can provide out side jacket against request and requirement.

Motor HP and Production is totally depends on material and fineness. All the data given are nominal only. It may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

We also offer other based on customer request