The role of asphalt plants is to mix size wise graded aggregates with liquid bitumen (preheated) or minerals in fixed quantities to make hot mix asphalt as per desired grade. The process of making HMA can be continuous or by batch. The products manufactured by Shalimar are designed to suit today’s contractor. We have a variety of plants and solutions which suit different needs of different customers and the same can be altered as per request. The availability of Batch Mix Plant, Counter Flow Asphalt Plant and parallel flow plants give good choice to the customers.

Mainly 2 types of plant are available
1. Asphalt Batching Plant
2. Counter Flow Asphalt Plant

1) Asphalt batching plant

As the name suggest, asphalt batching plant makes HMA in batches. The cold aggregates are dried, screened and stored in different compartments before being weighed and discharged into the mixing unit for mixing with liquid asphalt cement and minerals. Similarly, bitumen is heated and weighed prior to dispatch in the mixing unit. minerals are weighed separately before dispatched. Here it is possible to use different grades of aggregates accurately and even the batch time can be adjusted.
– Production Capacity = 20-160 Ton/Hr

2) Counter flow asphalt plant

Counter flow asphalt plant is a proud offering from Shalimar. The quality of hot mix asphalt that this plant gives is somewhere between the batch type and parallel flow type. This is a continuous plant utilizing the benefits of counter-flow technology to dry aggregates in first chamber prior to mixing. Dust collection is in the first chamber and the counter-flow heating mechanism allows additional fuel savings in addition to quality hot mix asphalt compared to drum type plants. Can be fitted with bag house for optimum.
– Production Capacity = 20-100 Ton/Hr