We offer Trunk-Key plant NPK fertilizer plants, NPK plants, NPK mixture fertilizer plants and other fertilizer plant. We also have a formulation team by which we can also formulate any type of Fertilizer.

NPK mixture fertilizers are formulated & recommended by agricultural scientists to enhance the output of the crops by giving it specific and exclusive blend of plant nutrients. All the major plant nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus Sulphur and Potash are mixed in different ratios to make it suitable for specific crops. These specific ratios of NPK & 8 are called grades. The numbers in the grade’s name represents the percentage of N1, P2O5 & K2O respectively in the mixture. There are separate grades for Rice, Wheat, Potato and Sugarcane, etc.

NPK fertilizer plants are used for production of complex with different concentrations and types, such as inorganic fertilizers and biological fertilizers. These fertilizers can be obtained in the form of uniform granules from upto 4mm size. These granules are white, cream brown, gray or black in colour.

Process Design

The raw materials is in the weight belts conveyors are weighed in hopper and moved to grinding and then to mi Mixer for producing homogenous mixture. The material is mixed with the recycle material and taken for granulation in granulation drum where the partial granulation is achieved with very fine jet of water spray. The fine powder gets deposited on a small naclei. This process can be controlled to produce particle size as per the demand of the customers. The material is taken to dryer drum where hot air generated in the furnace is passed though it. The raw material having low melting points easily melts and gets deposited on the nuclei. The high temperature evaporates water and the material is air dried. Further, the material is cooled by blowing ambient air through it in cooler drum. The 1 – 4 mm or desired size homogenous particles are obtained using vibrating screens. The screened particles of uniform size are precisely packed in bag. The oversize material (after crushing) and undersize are recycled. The dust in the system can be separated with cyclones and scrubbed with water.

Equipments of NPK Production Line

Plant is available according to client requirement