Used mainly by the paint, ink & coating industries for size reduction and dispersing of pigments in liquids. Particle size reduction upto 2 microns is possible in a single pass. The material to be processed is pumped from the bottom of the mill into the milling chamber which is filled with grinding media of 3mm dia. The media is agitated by a shaft fitted with a number of impeller discs along its length. As the material moves upwards it is subjected to high hydraulic & shearing forces between the grinding media which results in fine grinding of the material. This material then passes through the screen which separates the media from the process material. All mills are povided with a jacket arrangement for cooling the material in the grinding chamber.

Shalimar Agitator Sand Mills: Are Designed For The Processing Of High Viscosity Offset Inks. The Mill Continuously Processes T he Pre-Dispersed Printing Inks In Conjunction With An Intermediate Storage Tank. The Application Specific Design Has Been Optimized For Processing Chocolate, Paints, Liquid Printing Inks, And Pigments.

ENGINEERING and Operating Principles: Continuously Processes The Pre-Dispersed Printing Ink In Conjunction With An Intermediate Storage Tank, Pre-selected Parameters Are Held Constant During The Entire Operational Period Guaranteeing That The Best Possible Throughput Rate Is Set.

Features and Benefits of S.F Sand Mill: High Grinding Efficiency, Enclosed Design, Double-Acting Mechanical Seal, Optimal Adjustment of Bead Charge, Wear-Resistant Grinding Chamber, Integrated Lifting Device, Multiple Cooling, Our Pearl Mill Has a Special Rotor Design For Use With Media Larger Than 6 mm.

Shalimar SAND MILL model: having the total volume of grinding cylinder Liters, with having the continuous output of — to — Liters Per/Min. This machine is suitable for grinding low medium high viscosity material between 100 CPS and 4000 CPS thixotropics and product with highly pigmented systems. This machine will have the following items.

  1. Sturdy Mild Steel Fabricated Body For The Mill.
  2. Stainless Steel 304 Grinding Cylinder With Mild Steel Water Cooling Jacket For Sand Mill, & For Pear Mill Stainless Steel 304 Jacket Having Cooling Efficiency Is Enhanced Through A Two-Zone Spiraled Jacket. The Spiral Design Creates These Desired Effects: Cooling To The Entire Chamber; Greater Temperature Control Due To Increased Surface Area; And Reduced Pressure Drop By The Use Of Two Inlet And Discharge Ports.
  3. Main Shaft Will Be Stainless Steel 304 With S.S.304 Sleeves.
  4. Range Of Grinding Disc Available Will Be Of Special Wear-Resistant Steel, Hardened Chrome Steel Discs, Stainless Steel (304 Or 316), Hastelloy C, Polyurethane, UHMW Polyethylene, Polyamide (Nylon®), Aluminum Oxide, Zirconium Oxide, Silicon Nitride.
  5. The disc milling systems are primarily used for processing low to medium viscosity (1 to 200 poise) formulations. Solids levels in paint applications have been as high as 85% for industrial and furniture paints and ceramic slurries or slips. These systems are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations
  6. Heavy Duty Bearings For Main Counter Shaft.
  7. The Above Drive Is Provided With Imported Self-Aligned Bearings To Withstand High Speed And Initial Torque Of The Mill.
  8. Main Drive Motor Will Be — 50HP TEFC/FLP 1440 RPM, 3ph, 440 V, Motor.
  9. —–KGS Glass Beads Will Be Supplied With The Mill For Initial Charge.
  10. Fully Automatic Star Delta Starter For Main And D.O.L. For Feeding Pump.
  11. Hence Complete With Material As Per Our Standard Design.

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